Zuriel Management Consulting est. 2017, trading as ZurielUK

Company House Number: 1100728


About Us

ZurielUK is an employment hub that canvases the future of the next generation. Our aim is to merge the mental framework of the modern-day young person and the institutional systems that have been around for decades. 

ZurielUK has the slogan, “For the young, By the young” because it is a company of young people created to infuse financial optimism into the lives of other young people. We want to expose them to viable opportunities that not only employ young people but also educate them. 


Realistically, in 2019, individuals as young as 12 years old begin to think enthusiastically and be driven by finances. This implies that the engagement between organisations and young people would have to change. The systems that lead young people into a prominent future has no choice but to focus more on tackling the present financial instability of young people.


The approach needed has to create a way to merge the desire for finance with the effectiveness of education. This new approach will pave the way for the next generation of educated employees who will understand how to be financially educated, be an effective employee and also a leader in the industry. Education should no longer be just classroom centred but based on exposure and ZurielUK is paving the way for this new approach.


We are the UK’s first company to chart a way into the future of education and finance.