Who we are!

…developed by young people especially for young people…

When we look at the young generation today they are faced with an array of problems, from career choices, obesity, re offending, to dropping out of school. A recent study shows that in 2015 92,000 young people dropped out of school, college, apprenticeships and further education. This is where Zuriel UK comes in, by being a platform and support system helping to renew mind-sets and inspire through mentorship programs.  Quite simply we tackle social issues through mentorship, training, education and employment.


Tackling the poor education in society is not an easy feat. We are particularly concerned about  the amount of school dropouts (NEETS). We collaborate with: schools, colleges and referral centres by delivering six week character building and motivational programmes. We offer programmes  to develop skills needed for work and life, IT, entrepreneurship and communication.


All our services are fused with mentorship, we offer mentors and life coaches, to assist in every area of life, inspiring and helping to make decisions. Zuriel UK is bringing positive change in our society, created by young people for young people! We are platform for the new generation of leaders, entrepreneurs and scholars. Once your through our doors anything is possible, lets make dreams become reality.